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With effective company intranet you increase communication, team engagement, and collaboration between your staff. It's important to maximize these benefits without having to build a custom solution.

SharePoint serves as a great initial platform for collaboration widely used around the world. Origami activates and unlocks the power of SharePoint turning it into an engaging and robust intranet.


Origami Features

  • Communication

    • Flexible Company News &
           Events Carousel
    • Upcoming Events Roster
    • Landing Page Banner
    • Important Scheduled Alerts
    • Image Rotator/Slider
    • Employee Spotlight
  • Team Engagement

    • Recognitions & Shout Outs
    • Poll
    • Idea Crowdsourcing
    • Classifieds and Fundraiser
    • Event Attendance Tool
    • Site Contacts
  • Knowledge Management

    • Templates Search & Tagging
    • FAQ Rollup
    • Staff Directory
    • Policy & Forms Directory
    • Project & Site Directory
    • Project Timeline
  • Social Features

    • Likes
    • Comments
    • Who's Going (in Events)
    • Shout Outs and Classifieds
    • SIte Favorites
    • Staff Profiles
  • Search & Navigation

    • Breadcrumb Navigation
    • Footer Navigation
    • Quick Links
    • Tab Switcher
    • Search in Navigation
    • Navigation in  Workspaces
  • Document Management

    • Document libraries
    • External Document Sharing
    • Document Previews
    • Version History
    • Search within Images
    • Search Previews

Our Intranet Delivery Process

We invest in the process so your staff loves the journey and the result, and you see value.
  • We start with helping you identify key success factors points and stakeholders.

  • Then, we engage in content design with your key stakeholders.

  • Following the content design we bring our content mapping recommendations.

  • We work with your team to confirm branding and design options.

  • We bring content and stucture together with design to show you our initial cut of the site.

  • We start shaping governance, permissions, and authoring workflows.

  • While we design the governance, we work with your team on feedback.

  • As we incorporate your feedback into the final product we work with your team to test the site.

  • Finally, we give you the best available expert training and support your launch activities.
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Highlights of Key Features


News and Events

The latest relevant company news is at the team’s fingertips. Everyone is up-to-date on important tasks, company goals, and organizational accomplishments.

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business tools.PNG

Forms, Templates, and Resources

Digital forms and questionnaires reduce paperwork, and promote record keeping saving hours on data entry.

With electronic signature integration turnaround on signatures has become more efficient.

Origami enables your intranet with a wide range of tools for business helping your employees find forms, samples and other resources.


Shout Outs

With the Shout Outs feature, team members can recognize individual innovation, success and job well done inspiring others and building stronger culture.

This is also a great place to recognize new employees joining the company and for others to give them a warm welcome.

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Intuitive Staff Directory

Team directory feature enables staff to locate anyone quickly by region, department, or simply by their name search.


Document Management beyond fileshare

Take Office 365 SharePoint document management to a new level.

Personalized sites dashboard with instant search and favorites helps to navigate and organize knowledge locked in your sites.

SharePoint Document Management.png

Fully functioning intranet, tailored to your organization.

In weeks, not months


Project Elements

  • Project Duration: 6 weeks

  • Plaform: SharePoint Online Enterprise on Office 365

  • Workshops: Interface Design and Information Architecture

  • Training: Instructor led Training for Content Authors

  • Roll-out: Support content entry and workflow design

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