Shape Your Perfect SharePoint Intranet & Modern Digital Workplace

SharePoint is a reliable and technical platform used by organizations worldwide. Many organizations struggle with the administration and maintenance required to keep SharePoint running and functioning properly optimally for their organization.

Built on Modern SharePoint, Origami instantly enhances your SharePoint sites turning them into engaging and robust workspaces. Your Origami SharePoint Intranet Platform allows you to remain in control of any enhancements you need without the frustration and hassle of building and maintaining a SharePoint Intranet from scratch.

Customers were full of praise, describing Origami as “really easy to deal with” and “a domain knowledge expert in the industry” that “understands the ecosystem.”
— ClearBox Consulting, SharePoint Intranet-in-a-Box Report Review 2020

Origami SharePoint Digital Workplace Features



Origami enables your intranet with a wide range of collaboration tools for business helping your employees find forms, samples and other resources quickly.

Additionally, Origami SharePoint intranet provides instant access to digital forms and assets to reduce paperwork and promote record keeping, saving hours on data entry while reducing the risk of manual errors.


relevant & targeted internal communications with social engagement tools

Origami intranet enables organizations to bring news & events on your SharePoint intranet to life. Origami’s interactive and modern layouts will engage employees with relevant information and provide access to the tools they need.

Social engagement tools on your SharePoint Digital Workplace, such as likes and comments directly on news and events will drive engagement and conversation throughout your organization.


No More Wasted Time Building sharepoint Pages from Scratch

Building new pages and tweaking existing pages in SharePoint can take many hours. Enable your content authors to create and edit sites and pages in minutes with pre-built page and site templates on Origami SharePoint Intranet.

Your authorized content authors can pick from a diverse set of Origami templates to spin up a new site immediately with beautiful page design elements intact. With Origami, you never have to waste time building a SharePoint sites or page from scratch again.


SharePoint Intranet Staff Directory

Origami SharePoint Intranet is fully integrated with SharePoint Profiles, which makes locating the right team member a breeze. Powered by predictive search, staff can quickly find each other by region, department or with a name search.

Origami’s full integration with SharePoint and/or Office 365 means you only maintain one source of truth while delivering an outstanding user experience your employees will love to use.


SharePoint Intranet Document Management Beyond Fileshare

Take your SharePoint document management beyond file sharing with Origami Intranet. Enable staff to quickly retrieve information on your intranet with Origami’s powerful search.

Search queries can be filtered by topic or tag and results are displayed in order of popularity to enhance productivity and save valuable employee time.

Origami SharePoint Digital Workplace delivers robust document management with project and task site dashboards, including a project directory, tip of the day and easy access to project site tools.

Origami Site Directory search and personalized favorites help employees to navigate and organize knowledge that otherwise would be locked in folders, making it harder to find, access and collaborate on.

A True Mobile SharePoint Intranet Experience

Enable your modern intranet users to access your intranet content anytime and anywhere while working remotely or on the go.

Origami intranet is fully integrated with the SharePoint mobile app and Microsoft Teams and delivers a fully responsive mobile intranet experience on IOS and Android.

Summary of Origami Office 365 Digital Workplace Features

Office 365 Intranet

Internal Communications

  • Flexible Company News & Events Carousel
  • Upcoming Events Roster
  • Landing Page Banner
  • Important Scheduled Alerts
  • Image Rotator/Slider
  • Employee Spotlight

Intranet engagement

Team Engagement

  • Recognitions & Shout Outs
  • Poll
  • Idea Crowdsourcing
  • Classifieds and Fundraiser
  • Event Attendance Tool
  • Site Contacts
intranet management

Operations Management

  • Templates Search & Tagging
  • FAQ Rollup
  • Staff Directory
  • Policy & Forms Directory
  • Project & Site Directory
  • Project Timeline

Social Workplace

Social Workplaces

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Who's Going (in Events)
  • Shout Outs and Classifieds
  • Site Favorites
  • Staff Profiles

User Experience

  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Footer Navigation
  • Quick Links
  • Tab Switcher
  • Search in Navigation
  • Navigation in Workspaces

intranet document management

Document Managment

  • Document libraries
  • External Document Sharing
  • Document Previews
  • Version History
  • Search within Images
  • Search Previews

Hear from Our Happy Clients

Origami was a quick way to get started with building out a new Intranet!

SharePoint Intranet Customer

Brian Southby


Origami team has over 15 years of experience in SharePoint and it shows in their attention to detail.

SharePoint Digital Workplace Customer

Miguel Tena

Team Lead, Web & Identity and Access Management