Top 7 Enhancements to Explore in Origami Intranet’s Upcoming Release Built on Modern SharePoint

We’re delighted to announce the latest and greatest release of Origami intranet yet. This upcoming major release of Origami SharePoint intranet is aptly named ‘Hummingbird’, for its elegant beauty, superior speed and social intranet features. The latest release of Origami is built on modern SharePoint and delivers a complete transformation, providing revamped communication and employee engagement features on a lightning fast platform.  

Running the latest technology is important to many of our clients and we pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of the latest advancements in SharePoint and Office 365 technology so that we can continuously deliver additional value to our dedicated customers. The Hummingbird release of Origami delivers a complete rebuild of Origami SharePoint intranet from the ground up, read on to discover more details on the enhancements and new SharePoint intranet features that we’ve added.

Origami SharePoint Intranet Solution


2.    Call off the Search Party


Now you can find the information you need faster than ever before with Origami’s Hummingbird release. We understand the time pressures that employees are under and let’s face it, nobody wants to be working late so we’ve put a huge emphasis on enabling employees to complete tasks and find information fast in the latest release of Origami SharePoint intranet.


The latest search capabilities of Origami SharePoint intranet mean that information such as documents and articles are displayed in order of popularity so that the most commonly-used information surfaces first, saving employees valuable time. Users can filter search results by selecting a particular topic or ‘tag’ during a search query, the results within the particular topic are then displayed in order of popularity. The feedback we’ve received on these enhanced search capabilities has been fantastic and we’re stoked to provide this update to our entire client base!  

Origami SharePoint Intranet

 See Origami Intranet’s Hummingbird Release for Yourself!

We’re excited by the additional features and enhancements with the latest Origami release and we want you to experience them too! Get in touch now to explore the latest Origami intranet features and get expert answers to all your intranet questions. 

 3.    Making Intranet Management a Breeze


We’ve made some exciting updates to Origami in the new release built on modern SharePoint to enhance the user experience for content authors and users alike. Now, content authors can easily edit articles directly from the article itself for seamless updates, saving valuable time. New and enhanced infinite scroll functionality provides an updated user experience where content is loaded as the user scrolls down through the page.


We’ve consolidated the templates directory and the info directory to support intranet power users and content authors with enhanced policy and operations management so as before; power users can tag documents and policies by category and now they can also attach files to these policies and documents to provide employees with quick access to supporting information such as forms and wikis.


With modern SharePoint online, Microsoft has created the ability to build hub sites, but all of the sites created are flat, as there isn’t a hierarchy or categorized directory of sites with the out-of-the-box display. To overcome this challenge, we’ve created a directory in Origami’s latest release, that enables users to effortlessly group sites by adding tags to categorize sites in the best way that works for them, such as ‘projects,’ ‘teams’ and ‘committees,’ for easy retrieval and grouping of sites. It’s important to our customers to have visibility of their entire site directory and have the ability to organize it in a way that works best for the organization, so we’ve added this highly configurable functionality to the upcoming Origami Hummingbird release.



4.    Your Mobility is Calling – Answer with a Responsive Mobile Intranet


Origami is fully integrated with the SharePoint mobile app and Microsoft Teams and delivers a fully responsive mobile intranet experience on IOS and Android. Whether you’re on your phone, tablet or laptop your Origami intranet experience is seamless, providing employees with convenient access to the information they need no matter where they are.


The benefit of using the SharePoint mobile app for accessing your Origami intranet is that as Microsoft adds new features to the app, customers can use those new features with Origami, without the requirement of any additional updates or releases. All aspects of Origami are fully-responsive so your employees can securely access essential information whether they’re travelling, working from home or at the office 

Origami Mobile Intranet.png
Origami Mobile Intranet Home.png


5.    Employee Engagement Starts with an Engaging User Interface


We’ve rebuilt the news and events carousel for SharePoint modern, so it delivers an improved user experience while displaying more information. Along with delivering centralized company news and events, Origami SharePoint intranet’s latest update provides the ability to easily group and filter news and events by region, location or team to provide a personalized content experience to users.


Origami apps, such as directories and employee engagement apps, can run as tabs in Microsoft Teams, so you can use them beyond just your SharePoint site or mobile app but also within Teams. So, if you’re the type of organization that uses Teams a lot, you can add employee recognitions or a site directory directly to Teams.


We love nothing more than feedback from our customers at Origami as it helps us to deliver updates and additions to make their lives easier. The Origami Hummingbird release includes enhancements to the user interface of the employee directory to provide a more engaging user interface along with enhanced search capabilities. Users can easily find who they’re looking for by filtering the information by location, department and any other parameter in active directory. The new employee directory provides an enhanced layout and displays more contact information for each employee at a glance, such as email, title, location etc. Enhanced search capabilities such as predictive text, means that employees can find who they’re looking for even faster. Some employees may not wish to disclose all of their contact information, such as the CEO and other executives, so the intranet power user can easily configure which information is displayed in the employee directory. 


Modern SharePoint Intranet Employee Crowdsourcing


6.    Enhanced Intranet Features to Socialize, Retain and Innovate


In a recent study by McKinsey, 94% of senior executives said that ‘people and corporate culture are the most important drivers of innovation’. Therefore, organizations must encourage their people and create a culture that truly supports innovation and idea generation. This is why we’ve added an interactive crowdsourcing and idea management experience that provides enhancements for ranking idea engagement to the latest release of Origami SharePoint intranet. Now, employees can post new ideas and the rest of the organization can comment and rate the ideas, encouraging idea generation while promoting efficient discussions so as not to waste valuable time. Updated features include visibility into how many people have voted on an idea to quickly gauge popularity.


We understand that employee recognition is strongly linked to employee retention, so we’ve incorporated updates to the user experience of the ‘kudos’ employee retention feature. Employees across the organization can use this platform to recognize fellow employees for a job well done and broadcast their kudos to the entire organization. The user interface provides a beautiful card layout with infinite Pinterest scroll that scales to any device whether it’s a mobile, laptop, computer or tablet.


The employee bulletin board feature is an exciting ‘social corner’ experience on Origami intranet’s Hummingbird release, that’s fully mobile-responsive and enables employees to contribute content to the intranet. The beautiful user interface includes a tiled display of images along with introductory text and users can click on the titles their interested in to view further details of a post. This social intranet feature is hugely popular as it provides employees with an opportunity to engage and share aspects of their personal life such as promoting an upcoming concert or fundraiser.


7.    You Feel Your Best When You Look Your Best - Your Intranet Your Way


There have been huge enhancements to the custom intranet branding capabilities so that your beautiful new intranet looks like, well, your beautiful new intranet. During your new intranet set-up, we’ll incorporate your primary and secondary brand colors so that they’re displayed throughout all tools on your new Origami intranet. Authorized intranet power users can easily update the color scheme and push the updated color scheme across your entire SharePoint intranet with a click. Color variances can greatly help with categorizing different types of content at a glance, so power users can edit different color categories in the site configurations.


Additional personalization capabilities with Origami’s latest release, gives users the ability to add their favorite projects, teams and other sites to a personalized list of their most-used sites or projects for quick access to the information they use most.


There are multiple options for home page views in the Origami Hummingbird release enabling organizations to choose the display that works best for them from card display, to list view and infinite scroll, organizations can have their intranet configured to their needs.


We’re counting down the days until Origami Hummingbird is officially released next month. We hope you enjoyed learning about the latest updates and developments coming soon to an Origami intranet near you!

In the meantime, get in touch if you’d like to receive a live overview of the solution to experience the latest updates and enhancements for yourself. Let us know if you have any thoughts or feedback on the upcoming release, we’d love to hear from you.