SharePoint Intranet Key Features


Target your Communication with Origami’s SharePoint Intranet

Bring news & events on your SharePoint intranet to life.

Origami’s interactive and modern layouts, layered on SharePoint modern, powered by a beautiful user interface, encourage employees to embrace their intranet.

Social intranet features, such as [likes] and [comments] on news and events, along with an employee recognition ‘kudos’ and crowdsourcing idea management feature inspire interaction and employee engagement.


Don’t Waste Time Building Intranet Pages from Scratch

Don’t worry about building sites from scratch again with Origami’s Office 365 Intranet.

With Origami intranet, content authors can easily edit articles directly within the article itself and create sites and pages in minutes thanks to Origami’s beautiful pre-built page and site templates.

Origami’s user-friendly content management tools support content authors to quickly and effectively disseminate information. Origami templates enable authors to create a new site immediately with all of the elements and design intact.


Engage Employees Instantly with an Office 365 Intranet

Origami intranet encourages employee engagement, interaction and collaboration across your workplace.

Origami delivers engaging tools, such as:

- Employee Bulletin Board

- Idea Crowdsourcing

- Employee Polls

- Fully Responsive Mobile Intranet

Forms Directory.JPG

Origami’s Intuitive Forms & Templates Directory

Never worry about which is the latest version of a form or template again.

Maintain one source of truth while providing a great user experience with Origami’s reliable SharePoint Intranet.

Using Origami’s Directory App, you can centrally manage a single source of truth without the hassle, for all important organizational documents such as Forms, Templates, Policies, FAQ, How To Wiki’s and more.


Connect Your Entire Organization with an Engaging Staff Directory

Connect your entire organization today with Origami SharePoint intranet.

Fully integrated with Office 365 and Microsoft Delve, Origami’s team directory helps staff to locate anyone quickly by region, department, or simply by their name via intuitive search.

Origami’s employee directory enables employees to find who they’re looking for fast with accurate intranet search, access contact details at a glance and the engaging interface including profile photos drives connection by enabling employees to put faces to names.


Document Management Beyond File Sharing

Take Office 365 and modern SharePoint document management beyond the file share with Origami SharePoint intranet.

Origami’s powerful intranet search capabilities enable employees to navigate and organize knowledge that would otherwise be locked in folders.

Search results are displayed in order of popularity and search queries can be filtered by topic or tag for fast retrieval. Employees can personalize a list of ‘Favorites,’ for convenient access to the files they use most.

Mobile SharePoint Intranet

Enable your intranet users to access content while remote or on the go with Origami.

With Origami, all of your intranet pages instantly adapt to mobile devices enabling your employees from everywhere.

Customers were full of praise, describing Origami as “really easy to deal with” and “a domain knowledge expert in the industry” that “understands the ecosystem.”

Others described Origami employees as “fantastic, prompt, and always informative”, also “very approachable and professional in all that they do. Always a pleasure to work with them!”
— ClearBox Consulting, SharePoint Intranet-in-a-Box Report Review 2019

Summary of Origami Office 365 Digital Workplace Features

Office 365 Intranet

Internal Communications

  • Flexible Company News & Events Carousel
  • Upcoming Events Roster
  • Landing Page Banner
  • Important Scheduled Alerts
  • Image Rotator/Slider
  • Employee Spotlight

Intranet engagement

Team Engagement

  • Recognitions & Shout Outs
  • Poll
  • Idea Crowdsourcing
  • Classifieds and Fundraiser
  • Event Attendance Tool
  • Site Contacts
intranet management

Operations Management

  • Templates Search & Tagging
  • FAQ Rollup
  • Staff Directory
  • Policy & Forms Directory
  • Project & Site Directory
  • Project Timeline

Social Workplace

Social Workplaces

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Who's Going (in Events)
  • Shout Outs and Classifieds
  • Site Favorites
  • Staff Profiles

User Experience

  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Footer Navigation
  • Quick Links
  • Tab Switcher
  • Search in Navigation
  • Navigation in Workspaces

intranet document management

Document Managment

  • Document libraries
  • External Document Sharing
  • Document Previews
  • Version History
  • Search within Images
  • Search Previews

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