SharePoint Intranet Key Features


Target your Communication with Origami’s SharePoint Intranet

Bring news & events on your SharePoint intranet to life.

Interactive and modern layouts to draw attention.

Social features, such as [likes] and [comments] directly on news and events encourage employee engagement.


Don’t Waste Time Building Pages from Scratch

Page tweaking can take hours. Help your content authors create sites and pages in minutes with Origami’s pre-built page and site templates.

Your content authors can pick from a set of Origami templates for SharePoint intranet sites and spin up a new site immediately with all of the elements and design intact.

Never worry about building sites from scratch again with Origami’s Office 365 Intranet.


Engage Employees Instantly with an Office 365 Intranet

Build employee engagement with the set of interactive tools available in Origami, such as

-Employee Spotlight

-Recognitions & Shout-Outs


-Idea Crowdsourcing Site

-Likes & Comments

-Classifieds & Marketplace

Forms Directory.JPG

Origami’s Intuitive Forms & Templates Directory

Never worry about which is the latest version of a form or template again. Using Origami’s directory app you can centrally manage a single source of truth for all important organizational documents such as Forms, Templates, Policies, FAQ, and How To’s.

Maintain one source of truth while providing great user experience with Origami’s reliable SharePoint Intranet.


Connect Your Entire Organization with a Staff Directory

Fully integrated with Office 365 and Delve, Origami’s team directory helps staff to locate anyone quickly by region, department, or simply by their name via search.

Connect your entire organization today with Origami SharePoint intranet.


Document Management Beyond Fileshare

Take Office 365 SharePoint document management beyond the file share.

Origami comes with a project and task site dashboard.

Site directory search and favorites helps users to navigate and organize knowledge that would otherwise be locked in folders.

Origami Office 365 intranet fully integrates with out-of-the-box SharePoint features while enhancing user experience with better navigation and personalized views.

“The site and page templates seem functional and feature-rich...The target market will probably welcome the employee services included, such as the crowdsourcing tool and a ‘templates finder’.”
— ClearBox Consulting, SharePoint Intranet-in-a-Box Report Review 2019
Origami Modern Intranet

Mobile SharePoint Intranet

Enable your intranet users to access content while remote or on the go with Origami.

With Origami, all of your intranet pages instantly adapt to mobile devices enabling your employees from everywhere.

Origami Intranet All-inclusive Features

Intranet Essentials

Corporate Brand, Colors & Theme
News, Events, Blogs, and Videos
Company-wide Scheduled Alerts
Staff Events
Rich & Targeted Landing Pages
Forms & Workflows
Content Templates
Mobile Responsive

Team Engagement

Likes & Comments
Recognitions, Shout Outs, & Kudos
Idea Crowdsourcing & Management
Classifieds & Fundraiser
Staff Room Bulletin Board
Employee Spotlight

Knowledge Management

Popularity Driven Forms, Templates & Policy Directories
FAQ Roll-up
Site Contacts
Staff Directory
Project & Site Directory


Site Directory with Favorites
Popularity Driven Content Directories
Staff Profiles


All Inclusive Workshops
App Gallery
Deployed In Weeks
Exclusive Upgrades
Per User Pricing

Save Time & Money With Pre-Built Intranet Features