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Quit wasting time with generic templates.

Get a pre-built intranet shaped to you.

Generic templates leave users overwhelmed with features and lost in a sea of content.

Origami is a pre-built intranet intelligently shaped to your company.

Your users will love our personalized design, intuitive content structure, and award winning training & support.


"Origami Connect took us from interactive design session to fully functional intranet in just 3 weeks”

— Elena Bobyreva, Director of HR, Peak Products

Why Companies Like Origami


"Their intimate knowledge of business and creative approach have been a huge help to my company"

Dave Burman
S&C Electric Company

"Considerate, measured. Origami took the time to understand our requirements and needs"

Delene Bosch
Project and Porfolio Manager

"They combine technical knowledge and business acumen while managing customer expectations and schedules."

Asif Rehmani, CEO
Visual SP

Key Origami Features

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targeted Communication

With built-in communication and engagement tools you can instantly broadcast company & department news, events, and alerts.

Origami encourages conversations, social engagement and keeps staff in the know.

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No more wasted time

Save your content authors countless hours building additional sites from scratch.

With built-in templates you can instantly create:

  • Departments sites

  • Campaign sites

  • Resource sites

  • Project work spaces and teams



Pre-Built employee Tools & resources

Instantly enable full set of employee services available in Origami, including:

  • Policies and Procedures finder

  • New Hire site

  • Ideas and Feedback crowdsourcing

  • Classifieds

  • Shout Outs

  • Forms & Templates finder


Connect people, Boost employee Engagement

Help teams connect easily, find project sites, colleagues, expertise, and skills.

Origami brings a wealth of directory tools to locate people and knowledge.

People directory is fully integrated with Office 365 including automatic profile updates, including profile picture updates.


Manage Documents with EASE

Take Office 365 SharePoint document management to a new level.

Navigate and organize knowledge locked in your sites with:

  • Personalized sites directory

  • Instant site search

  • Simplified in-site navigation


Find Information Intuitively

Built on the power of SharePoint libraries, Origami helps your staff save countless hours by surfacing key documents, sites, policies, glossary items, and more.

Our templates seamlessly adapt to users’ desktop or mobile device.


Need help?
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Origami comes with:

  • Intranet design, set up, and training all included

  • Regular updates and maintenance

  • New app releases

  • Tier 2 support

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The only surprise you'll hear about,

is how much your users love your new intranet!

See Origami in Action

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