Incredibly Robust SharePoint Intranet in-a-box and Document Management

Built on SharePoint, Origami is incredibly flexible cost-effective to configure and customize. Combined with our expert services, we help you get the intranet that's designed for you, without starting from a blank page.


Intranet in-a-box: Case Study

Get the Most Popular, Carefully Designed SharePoint Intranet Features

Inform your team by instantly broadcasting company news, events, and alerts


Scheduled Alerts

Bring critical information to the top using vivid alerts feature


Featured News

Keep your team up to date with important company-wide and department news


Quick Links

Provide quick access to the most important applications



Feature upcoming and past company-wide events



Highlight company metrics and performance

Build employee engagement, stronger identity, and culture



Build interactive polls in minutes, access visual graphs, and keep past results


Idea Crowd-sourcing

Promote innovation and gather feedback, see a dashboard of what's trending, and tag executed or in-progress ideas



Enable internal marketplace, fundraising, and giveaways all in one spot



Foster culture by enabling shout outs and recognitions. See past recognitions and enable "likes"

Reduce time required to find colleagues, expertise, and skills using the directory features



Allow users to search by department or other filters available in SharePoint User Profile


Rich Search

Allow searching by partial name, department, or other combinations


Staff Detail

Enable staff to see the details they need to locate the right colleague

Help your staff save countless hours by surfacing key documents, policies, glossary items, and more


Tags and Categories

Classify key documents, policies, terms by a chosen tag or category


Robust Search

Enable search by partial name, content, category, and more


Quick Preview

With content previews you get to the right content faster

Reduce errors and keep on top of things by automating approvals, document signatures, and tasks


Intranet On Your Terms

Our flexible intranet packages scale to your needs

  • Essential

    • Origami Engine and Apps
    • Branding to Make Your
           Intranet Look Amazing
    • Resources and Knowledgebase
    • Employee and Power User
           Training Materials
    • 4 Support Incidents
    • Insider Webinars & How To's
    • Regular Software Upgrades

    • See 'Essential' process
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  • Flex

    • Origami Engine and Apps
    • Live Design/Branding Session
    • Live Content & Structure Session
    • Employee and Power User
           Training Materials
    • Instructor Led Training
    • 8 Support Incidents
    • Infrastructure Integration &      Content Migration
    • Regular Software Upgrades
    • Tailored Upgrade Credit

    • See 'Flex' process
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  • Enterprise

    • Origami Engine and Apps
    • Roadmap Session
    • Tailored Design and IA Sessions
    • Custom Enhancements & Process
    • Infrastructure Integration and      Content Migration
    • Instructor Led Training
    • Project Management
    • 10 Priority Support Incidents
    • Regular Software Upgrades
    • Roadmap Allignment
    • Tailored Upgrade Credit

    • See 'Enterprise' process
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Asif Rehmani, CEO
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