Globally Recognized Intranet Solution Experts

Every intranet solution we’ve seen puts an emphasis on the technology. The latest apps and flashy new design become the center of attention.

We believe that the real center of attention are your enterprise intranet users.
We put a spotlight on your people by enabling their work to be done in a seamless, intuitive, and effortless way.

Every decision we make starts with thinking about your enterprise intranet users and content they need. Not just any content, and not just any intranet users - your intranet users.

Shape your perfect intranet solution with help of our guided expert workshops and behavioral analytics to build the most intuitive content for your people.


Leadership Team


Yaroslav Pentsarskyy

Director of Product



Director of Operations


Andrew Veremchuk

Director of Delivery


Paul Kevin Koehler

User Experience Lead


Globally Recognized Intranet Solution Experts

Some of Our Intranet Solution Customers

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  • Seven Generations Energy
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  • Origami enterprise intranet customer

Considerate, measured. Origami took the time to understand our requirements and needs

Enterprise intranet customer feedback

Delene Bosch

Project and Porfolio Manager

Their intimate knowledge of business and creative approach have been a huge help to my company

intranet solution customer feedback

Dave Burman

S&C Electric Company

They combine technical knowledge and business acumen while managing customer expectations and schedules

Origami Enterprise Intranet Testimonial

Asif Rehmani, CEO

Visual SP

Origami Connect took us from interactive design session to fully functional intranet in just 3 weeks

Enterprise Intranet customer thoughts

Elena Bobyreva

Director of HR, Peak Products