Origami now ships with revamped responsive mobile design for it's SharePoint intranet in a box software

Vancouver, British Columbia – October 8, 2018 – Origami Connect will now be shipped with its latest rendition of responsive mobile pages, templates and apps. This major update will enable customers to access content on their mobile devices in a user friendly and accessible way specifically built for mobile devices used today.

Origami Connect continues to bring business value to organizations with it’s carefully designed team collaboration and employee engagement features, and templates to maximize user experience without the custom-made price tag.

“This release of Origami Connect is driven by our commitment to innovate and be at the forefront for customers regardless of how they access their intranet. With it, new and existing customers will have access to rich features they love while on a go. Content authors will not have to worry about page layouts, our templates adapt to mobile devices automatically. Organizations will be able to save countless of hours searching for information and collaborating seamlessly on any device”, says Yaroslav Pentsarskyy, Origami Connect Founder.

Origami Connect is well known for it’s robust deployment approach, allowing for the intranet to be deployed in your existing, clean Microsoft SharePoint Online or Microsoft SharePoint 2016 environment in as little as just few days.

In addition to the layout enhancement, Origami Connect features new design and functionality for mobile and desktop versions for the following components:

  • Employee Shout Outs

  • Employee Directory

  • Project Directory

  • Project Sites

  • Navigation

For a quick preview of some of the new mobile responsive templates and features, check out the slider to the right.

See all of the above features and so much more in action to help build your digital workplace value. Book your demo today!

About Origami

Origami is an independent software development innovator aimed at building software solutions integrating and extending Microsoft SharePoint platform to deliver intuitive technical solutions to business users. Today Origami continues to break ground in focusing on delivering high quality solutions faster and lowering the entry level bar thus enabling more organizations being able to start collaborating in the cloud.


Yaroslav Pentsarskyy
Email: yaroslav@origamiconnect.com
Phone: (604) 757-2779
Website: www.origamiconnect.com


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