Origami Connect introduces modern user interface to it's SharePoint intranet in a box software

Vancouver, British Columbia – Jan 26, 2018 – Origami Connect will now be shipped with its latest modern user interface. This major update elevates customer experience and delivers more fluid usability which customers online are used to today. Origami Connect continues to bring together the most popular, carefully designed team collaboration and employee engagement features, as well as beautifully crafted templates to maximize user experience without the custom-made price tag.

“This update to Origami Connect is based on our customers' feedback and industry standards. With it, we continue our commitment to keeping our users' experiences fresh and up-to-date. Organizations are enabled to deploy fully functional intranet in record time with a set of rich features and beautiful design”, says Yaroslav Pentsarskyy, Origami Connect Founder.

Origami Connect features robust solution deployment allowing for the intranet to be deployed in your existing, clean Microsoft SharePoint Online or Microsoft SharePoint 2016 environment in as little as just few days. This approach lets you be in control, and releases intranet significantly quicker than competitors.

Origami Connect includes carefully designed feature favorites to ignite communication and keep staff in the know. Notable highlights include:

  • Important alerts and messages feature that will let you broadcast important announcements in a vivid yet unobtrusive way

  • Intelligent featured news which promotes popular news based on set rules and “likes” cast by site users

  • Events roster which stays filled and current whether there are new posts or not

  • Rich navigation in site footer

  • Rich collapsible search box in header of all pages

  • Easily configurable quick links with wide selection of icons

Origami Connect features rich employee engagement tools such as:

  • Internal classifieds directory designed with an intuitive infinite scroll capability

  • Employee recognition and shout-outs

  • Quick poll to collect your staff opinions and feedback

  • Idea submission and voting site allowing staff to view submissions and vote for their favorites

An interactive employee directory which automatically pulls information from your SharePoint user profiles allows your staff to easily connect with each other; glossary and term directory will help your new staff quickly find relevant company jargon.

Origami Connect is also designed for mobile and adapts its interface to your screen.

See all of the above features and so much more in action and ask us how we can help you ignite your digital workplace.

About Origami

Origami is an independent software development innovator aimed at building software solutions integrating and extending Microsoft SharePoint platform to deliver intuitive technical solutions to business users. Today Origami continues to break ground in focusing on delivering high quality solutions faster and lowering the entry level bar thus enabling more organizations being able to start collaborating in the cloud.


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