Lighting Fast and Refreshingly Modern, Origami Intranet’s Newest Release, Hummingbird, Built on SharePoint Modern & Office 365 Online

Vancouver, BC Canada – August 13, 2019 – Origami has just launched its latest, major product release, Hummingbird. This is the largest release with the most improvements made to the Origami Intranet platform to date. This major update is built on modern SharePoint and delivers complete transformation, providing revamped communication and employee engagement features on a lightning fast platform.

Origami continues to deliver additional value to its customers by remaining at the forefront of the latest advancements in SharePoint and Office 365 technology. The Hummingbird release delivers a complete rebuild of the Origami SharePoint intranet from the ground up by enhancing existing features and adding new features. 

“It is an understatement to say we are excited about our latest major release, Hummingbird. We truly pulled out all the stops for this release, including lighting fast technology under the hood, while still focusing on the overall employee experience and employee engagement features our client really care about. Building this latest release on modern SharePoint also means Origami Intranet is not only future-proof, but leveraging the latest and greatest SharePoint platform benefits and features Microsoft offers,” states Yarolav Pentsarskyy, Origami Founder.

He continues, “clients that have previewed and deployed the Hummingbird release are blown-away with all that we have been able to include and enhance with this release.”

While not all organizations have upgraded to modern SharePoint yet, Origami makes it so that anyone can use the new Origami apps built for the new modern SharePoint features without having to upgrade SharePoint to leverage the Hummingbird release. 

In addition to user interface updates, Hummingbird includes several new updates and features that further enhance the user experience and employee engagement. Notable highlights include:

  • Improved intranet search with focused content directories.

  • Enhanced user experience for viewing, filtering and centralizing news.

  • Seamless multi-device experience with a fully responsive mobile intranet.

  • Improved employee retention with revamped employee recognition app.

  • Customized intranet branding with enhanced primary and secondary brand colors.

  • Contemporary homepage layouts to configure the intranet to fit each organization.

  • Updated collaboration with employee bulletin board and idea crowdsourcing.

  • Personalized user experience with employee favorites and personalization tools.

See Origami’s latest, lightning-fast and modern release, Hummingbird, in action yourself to understand how it can help improve your overall employee experience and employee engagement to build your digital workplace today at


Origami Intranet, from Origami Software Corporation, is an independent software development innovator aimed at building software solutions integrating and extending Microsoft SharePoint platform to deliver intuitive technical solutions to business users. Today, Origami continues to break ground in focusing on delivering high quality solutions faster and lowering the entry level bar thus enabling more organizations being able to launch their digital workplace faster on the most modern technologies.   


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