Office 365 Intranet

Don’t get stuck in-a-box,
Shape Your Perfect Office 365 Intranet

Origami activates the power locked in Office 365 turning it into an engaging and robust Office 365 intranet. With Origami Intranet to target your internal communications by location and relevancy.

With templated pages and sites, save time creating pages to empower and enable content authors and contributors, while enhancing document search to help employees find resources and people quickly and accurately.

Origami Intranet also delivers all this on a fully mobile, feature rich experience built on SharePoint modern, including full mobile access to tools, directories, sites, documents and employee resources.


SharePoint Intranet

Maintain Flexibility without building from scratch with Origami Modules

Built on Modern SharePoint, Origami instantly enhances your SharePoint sites turning them into engaging and robust workspaces.

Remain in control of any enhancements you need for SharePoint without expensive customization or custom builds elongate your project timeline.

“The site and page templates seem functional and feature-rich...The target market will probably welcome the employee services included, such as the crowdsourcing tool and a ‘templates finder’.”
— ClearBox Consulting, SharePoint Intranet-in-a-Box Report Review 2019

Let Your Intranet Be So Much Better