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"Their intimate knowledge of SharePoint and creative approach to delivering solutions have been a huge help to my company"

Dave Burman, Senior Analyst
S&C Electric Company

"Origami Connect took us from interactive design session to fully functional intranet in just a few weeks"

Elena Bobyreva, Director of HR
Peak Products

"Origami provided innovative options and customizations that SharePoint out of the box could not meet. It is scalable and easy to maintain by less experienced support staff"

Delene Bosch, Project and Porfolio Manager
University of British Columbia

Why Origami?

World Class Platform

Built on SharePoint, Origami combines proven platform reliability with modern functionality

Strong ROI

Demonstrate strong ROI and results with measurable and quantifiable analytics

Transparent Delivery

With reliable methodology delivered by experts, be in control and know exactly what you're getting and when

Modern & Reliable Intranet

  • Improve communication

    • Enable One-Stop-Shop for
           Company News & Events
    • Reduce using Email for
           Broadcast Communication
    • Build Culture of Recognition
    • Build Engagement & Feeback
  • Connect Teams

    • Improve Collaboration
    • Reduce Errors
    • Promote Accountability
    • Enable Information Sharing
  • Increase Productivity

    • Improve Search for Documents       & People
    • Securely Collaborate on       Projects
    • Reduce Manual Processes
    • Integrate with Salesforce and      other 3rd party apps

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