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Customer: INF Influencer Agency

Structure: Privately Held
Industry: Talent Agency
Managing: Talent with some of the largest online followings in North America and beyond

The Challenge

  • Automate Document & Record Workflows

    • Auto-generate contracts based
           on Talent or Client information
    • Enable multi-author document
           editing in real-time
    • Enable electronic signatures
    • Integration with SharePoint
    • Document filing and mobile
  • Automate Campaign Management

    • Automatically track campaign
    • Autocomplete of Client
           and Talent information
    • Track deliverables and billing
    • Enable alerts and reminders
    • Simplify Casting Search
  • Simplify Talent Casting & Management

    • Enable rich record search
    • Enable simultaneous casting in
    • Auto-generate tracking
           spreadsheets for casting
    • Field level record security
    • Rich dashboards and KPI's



What We Did

INF’s brand new contract management system is packed with everything team members need to search and cast talent, swiftly generate client and talent contracts, and track campaign performance & deadlines.
  • Keep track of campaigns and deliverables with a rich dashboard.

  • Contracts for clients and talent get generated automatically in seconds based on wealth of specific details for a given campaign.

  • Electronic signature integration ensures time sensitive contracts get signed fast even when participants are mobile, ensuring superb service level for clients.

  • Simultaneous co-authoring of deliverable reports reduces errors and gets deliverables to clients quicker.

  • Comprehensive document and Talent search and preview allows for quicker anywhere access to relevant files and records.
No actual customer data present in the screenshots
No actual customer data present in screenshots

Key Features


Rich Dashboards

Agents keep on top of what matters most, such as contracts awaiting input or sigantures, campaign deadlines, deliverables, and casting.

When important deliverables are due, INF team can easily drill rigth from the Dashboard down to the relevant camaign and proactively action the task before it becomes past due. No more searching through documents and folders.


Automated document generation

Contracts are the most important artifacts between the agency, talent, and a client. With Origami, agents generate contracts automatically from template in seconds, based on the client and talent information.

This saves incredible amount of time and reduces errors and missing information significantly.


Electronic Signatures

Gone are the days when contracts had to be printed, signed and scanned. With electronic signature now enabled, participants can sign contracts on a conputer or mobile device wherever they are.

Executed and signed agreements are promptly distributed to all parties involved and automatically filed in secure document repository.

Turnaround on signed contracts is reduced signifficantly keeping focus on the campaign.


Enhanced Search Capabilities

Finding the right cast for a campaign comes down to being able to quickly search descriptive information about the relevant talent.

With Origami records search capability, agents can locate the right talent quickly based on descriptive criteria and metadata.


Mobile Access

A fully mobile compatible platform allows INF to take work wherever they go. Forms and widgets adapt seamlessly to the format in which they are viewed.


Project Elements

  • Origami Package: Enterprise (learn more)

  • Plaform: SharePoint Online Enterprise on Office 365

  • Workshops: Roadmap, Interface Design, Functional Requirements

  • Training: Instructor led Training and Recorded Videos combo

  • Roll-out: End-user support

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