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Customer: Public University


Structure: Public Organization
Industry: Education
Recognition: Consistently ranks as one of the top public universities worldwide
Project Scale: Division within the organization with over 200 users

The Challenge

  • Improve communication

    • Enable Central Destination for
    • Reduce using Email for
    • Enable Sharing of Employee
    • Simplify Employee Onboarding
    • Enable Internal and External
          Team Member Search
    • Enable Tracking of KPI's
  • Connect Teams

    • Facilitate Team Collaboration
    • Improve Document Sharing
    • Simplify Deliverable
    • Facilitate Compliance
    • Reduce Work Duplication
  • Centraize Reuqests

    • Provide One-Stop-Shop for
           Program Service Requests
    • Facilitate of Request Tracking
    • Recuce Paper Footprint
    • Reduce Manual Processes



What We Did

Univerity's division brand new intranet allows team members to stay in the know, find stakeholders, and get their work done.
  • Home page displays key division news and events, program timeline, and staff announcements.

  • With the dedicated area for services requests, team members can initiate and track the progress of requests.

  • With live co-authoring teams save valuable time working on documents in real time, minimizing chances of errors.

  • New employees have a dedicated area on the site to help them get up to speed faster.

  • Employee directory helps find the right people faster leading to faster service responses.

  • Team collaboration spaces help collaborate on documents and ensure deliverables are compliant to audit requirements.
    Images in this post have been redacted and changed to protect customer data

   Images in this post have been redacted and changed to protect customer data



News and Events

The latest relevant news is at the team’s fingertips. Everyone is up-to-date on important tasks, goals, and organizational accomplishments.

SharePoint News Carousel.PNG
Team Workspaces.PNG

Team Workspaces

Team workspaces help stakeholders to collaborate within the team and invite external team contributors to participate.

Final deliverables are easily findable by using relevant metadata filters reducing time required for audit and onboarding.

Workpsace navigation simplifies finding relevant workspaces and content within them.


Service Directory

With the Service Directory feature, team members can request services and track the progress of their request.

This area enables one-stop-shop for program related services eliminating need for many paper based processes. Tracking enables measuring of how service requests are executed and ways to improve efficiency.

service directory.PNG
Employee Directory.png


Team directory feature enables staff to locate anyone quickly by team, vendor, or simply by their name search.


Fully functioning intranet, tailored to your organization.

In weeks, not months


Project Elements

  • Origami Package: Enterprise

  • Plaform: Microsoft SharePoint

  • Workshops: Interface Design and Information Architecture

  • Training: Instructor led Training for Content Authors

  • Roll-out: On-site support and knowledge transfer


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