• Flex

    • SharePoint Online site
    • Typical team size of 100-300
    • Design tailored to your brand
    • Features and content tailored to your needs
    • Regular site refresh with upgrade credits
    • Worry-free support
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    Case Study

Our Flex pack includes all Origami features with the added flexibility for you to call shots on design and content.
We also provide instructor led training so you can get questions answered right away. Larger groups feel much more engaged this way.

Here is more about the process:


  • Demo and Get to Know You
    (see what the product is all about
    and how does it fit your need)
  • Design and Functionality Survey
    (help us style your intranet
    with your colors and brand)


  • Design Session
    (interactive design workshop to
    help us build amazing site
    tailored to you)
  • Content and Information Session
    (we design and organize content
    that make most sense for your team)

Roll Out

  • Deployment and Configuration
    (we set up the intranet
    in your environment)
  • Training
    (we train your staff and authors)
  • Help and Support
    (we help you getting started with
    entering content and set up)