Never miss that deadline with our vivid yet unobtrusive Alerts and Messages feature

Every now and then you need to send an organization-wide message and make it short, clear, and distinct. It's something you don't want to be overused and at the same time not buried in a spot where people can miss it. It needs to be visible!

With the alert app you can quickly create immediate or schedule alerts of different urgency and they will show up on your home page.

Document Center

Your team members expect more from an intranet than just a messaging tool. They need a place to author and store documents and find them easily.

The Document Center feature provides the flexibility to store and find documents easily. Here are some of the most common uses for the Document Center:

  • Human Resources to store policies and share them with the organization
  • Human Resources to store personnel files locked to be only available by members of HR
  • Finance to store corporate documents and lock them to be only viewable by authorized team
  • Legal to store contracts and other legal documents and correspondence. Those would also be locked and only viewable by authorized team
  • Business Development to store templates, product sheets etc
  • Marketing to store marketing collateral available on need to know basis

With these few examples you can see there are many other scenarios where Document Center can be handy.

Project Site

Enable your team to collaborate on deliverables, keep track of project plan, tasks, milestones, decisions and risks all in one place accessible from anywhere.

With our Project Site template your team will be able to access their project documentation, find contacts, upload and view deliverables from anywhere.

Project managers will be able to record and track action items, risks, decisions, as well as update project documentation and make it available to other team members.

Within each project your team can have separate workspaces where members can collaborate on deliverables knowing that their information is securely stored.


You know search works when you don't need to look for a search box, although it's nice to have one anyway.

Search is much more than a box, it's seamlessly integrated in Origami Connect to bring relevant information within various parts of your intranet such as Project Site, Document Center, Collaboration and other components.

We also enable searching within our directories, libraries, and news and events apps. Handy filters are available in many of our sites to let users intuitively find what they're after.

On demand search is also available when you need it without cluttering the site.


Seamlessly and instantly create robust forms your team have come to expect. Enable saving submitted forms as PDFs or items in SharePoint Lists.

Enable robust forms allowing your team to submit requests from anywhere on the site with minimal page load and clicks. Whether those are vacation or supplies requests, approval forms, performance planning forms for HR, we've covered a wide variety of scenarios to get your team the best experience possible.

The Origami Connect forms tool extends SharePoint list experience by adding interactive user interface allowing you to:

  • Display the form with much richer and accessible interface
  • Configure when to show and hide fields based on values from others
  • Display useful information and directions on the form
  • Chose the dimensions of the form
  • Collect signatures on forms
  • Collect attachments
  • Set forms to save both as
    list items in SharePoint and/or PDF documents


Maximize your investment in SharePoint as a collaboration tool with our set of add-ons and intuitively designed templates

Get the most out of SharePoint collaboration!

Let your team work together on a document, communicate changes, and broadcast important alerts easily all to increase their productivity.

As an administrator, you retain control of what is available in the template and whether certain features are enabled by default.

Simplify your team's access to information by taking advantage of document finders, quick links, co-authoring, discussions and commenting, as well as intuitive and easy-to-navigate designs and robust templates.

Beautiful Design

Let your intranet speak your brand language by incorporating your colors and logo with our carefully designed templates tailored for each industry.

We spend countless hours meticulously tailoring and tweaking the user experience of Origami Connect to be modern, intuitive and desirable. With a set of pre-built templates, we help you envision what your intranet could look like.

Our mission is to keep delivering what online visitors are experiencing every day on the web into the corporate world by balancing usability, levels of user experience, and packaging it into a beautiful and cohesive product.

Starting from our Essential package, we deliver the best possible experience currently available by constantly updating our templates through annual subscription updates.


Mobile Ready

Access Origami Connect features on a mobile device.


We are aware that most work happens away from your desktop and that technology should embrace and support that.

We work hard to ensure the experience your team is getting on larger screens translates to smaller screen devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

All of our features have been tested on variety of mobile devices and when something new comes out - we do what it takes to make things work across the board on most commonly used devices.

Policy Directory

Help your staff reliably find the policy and other key corporate documents by enabling the easily update-able Policy directory featuring search by alphabet, tag, or keyword.

Finding reliable source of corporate documentation such as policies or a data sheets can be challenging. That's why we created our Policy Directory tool to let you define set of documents and short description about each in a single place. Your staff can then navigate the Policy Directory to find the document they're looking for by alphabet, tag or keyword. Whichever method they chose, they will be able to read the short description to ensure this is what they're looking for and access the link to the relevant document.

Policy Directory can be used for variety of other cases such as Glossary Term finder, Product finder, Promo Code finder and many more.

Seamless Navigation

Never worry about overloading site header thanks to our collapsible search box in the header and intuitive navigation in the footer. Easily configure quick links with a wide selection of popular icons.

Navigating a content rich site can be a challenge. It's a balance between giving your team access to what they need to see and not overloading them with links.

Our navigation makes it easy and intuitive for people to find what they need by maximizing the real estate of key navigation areas. Users can switch between the search mode and navigation mode with a click of a button.

Rich footer navigation allows you to configure sections and navigation links under each section so that your team can easily search within the page and get to what they're looking for fast.

Draw attention to key content on the site whether it's a department of a work space site by providing a collection of key links to users. Key links tool let's you easily configure new links and manage existing links as well as chose one of hundreds of icons available with FontAwesome.

Team Directory

Automatically syncing directory will connect your team with comprehensive search capabilities. Search by alphabet, department, name, and more.

Finding people within your organization has never been easier with the Team Directory tool!

The Directory reads your team from SharePoint and groups people by Department if provided. Your users will be able to search others by name, by department or by alphabet if they don't remember the name. Simply click a name or picture for contact information and other details.

Administrators don't need to do anything more when adding new users to the tool, apart from adding them to SharePoint or Active Directory if it's synchronized with SharePoint

Featured News and Events

Keep your team up-to-date with important company-wide news and event headlines. Your team will help you drive content with interactive voting and comment functions.

Get important news and company-wide events out to everyone!

Featured news tool allows your team to instantly see what's important now as well as previously featured news in an interactive slider displaying key information about the news and an image if available.



Your team will be able to instantly comment, like a particular announcement, and see what others have said.

Authors can also add images and other rich content to make articles more appealing and easier to read. Readers can search through past articles and content matching a particular category.



The Events tool will let your team to post company-wide events and in a article-like format where you can post pictures and use formatting to highlight event details.