Intranet In-a-Box: Unlocking the value of your SharePoint

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Customer: Peak Products

Structure: Privately Held
Industry: Manufacturing
Recognition: 7 time winner
Home Depot Partner of the Year
Scale: maker of 390+ unique products
Geography: US and Canada

The Challenge

  • Improve communication

    • > Enable One-Stop-Shop for
         Company News & Events
    • > Reduce using Email for
    • > Build Culture of Recognition
    • > Simplify Employee Onboarding
    • > Enable employee communities
    • > Gather employee feedback
  • Connect Teams

    • > Improve Collaboration
    • > Reduce Errors
    • > Promote Accountability
    • > Build Engagement
    • > Enable employees to find peers
  • Reduce Paper Trail

    • > Automate Onboarding
    • > Automate Performance Reviews
    • > Recuce Paper Footprint
    • > Reduce Manual Processes
    • > Improve information discovery



What We Did

Peak’s brand new intranet is packed with everything team members need to communicate, connect, and get their work done.
  • With project workspaces, geographically distributed teams can now work on one platform.

  • With employee workspaces, everyone can easily access common resources without having to send repetative requests.

  • With live co-authoring teams save valuable time working on documents in real time, minimizing chances of errors.

  • New employees have a dedicated area on the site to help them get up to speed faster.

  • Employee directory helps find the right people faster leading to faster service responses.

  • Automated workflows help keep track of training, resourcing, and other paper processes formerly handled by paper forms.
Sharepoint Intranet Department Site.png
SharePoint New Employee Site.png



News and Events

The latest relevant company news is at the team’s fingertips. Everyone is up-to-date on important tasks, company goals, and organizational accomplishments.

SharePoint News Carousel.PNG

HR Forms

Digital HR forms and questionnaires reduce paperwork, and promote record keeping saving hours on data entry.

Submitted forms are automatically saved as PDF as well as available in SharePoint in a structured format for future analysis and reporting.

With electronic signature integration turnaround on signatures has become more efficient.


Shout Outs

With the Shout Outs feature, team members can recognize individual innovation, success and job well done inspiring others and building stronger culture.

This is also a great place to recognize new employees joining the company and for others to give them a warm welcome.

Employee Directory.png


Team directory feature enables Peak to locate anyone quickly by region, department, or simply by their name search.



A fully mobile compatible platform allows Peak’s to take work wherever they go. Forms and widgets adapt seamlessly to the format in which they are viewed.


Fully functioning intranet, tailored to your organization.

In weeks, not months


Project Elements

  • Project Duration: 3 weeks

  • Plaform: SharePoint Online Enterprise on Office 365

  • Workshops: Interface Design and Information Architecture

  • Training: Instructor led Training for Content Authors

  • Roll-out: Support content entry and workflow design


Process: How did it go?