How Origami Solves Information Chaos in Your Business

Content is what your employees are looking for

Ability to quickly find content on the intranet matters more than anything for your employees. Beautiful design helps, but if things are hard to find, your users will quickly loose interest in coming back again, and this hurts adoption. Employees are often frustrated when they can’t find information because they have to go and look elsewhere, and that wastes time.

Sometimes up to 9.3 hours a week is wasted per employee [McKinsey report].

With every intranet we build, we start with employee experience first, and with Origami methodology it only takes 1-2 workshops for an average organization.

Here is how the whole process looks like:

SharePoint Digital Workplace Delivery Methodology

Here is how each step looks like in origami process

Understanding Your Content

At the core of Origami tailored design experience, we apply Design Thinking methodology to our intranet implementations to deliver results based on evidence.

We start with helping you to identify key stakeholders (3-7 representatives). Then, we run 1 guided content design workshop.

The outcome from this workshop is a list of all the content that will reside on your intranet.

Considerate, measured. Origami took the time to understand our requirements and needs

Origami Intranet Implementation

Delene Bosch

Project and Porfolio Manager

Origami Connect took us from interactive design session to fully functional intranet in just 3 weeks

SharePoint Digital Workplace Customer

Elena Bobyreva

Director of HR, Peak Products

Designing Your Intranet

Following the content workshop with your team, Origami expert designs the site around your content. After the design is complete, we test the efficiency of the design with a sample group of your employees.

This gives you the evidence of how your users interact with the site and that it really works, and also looks good!

We then apply your corporate branding and style guide so you can see the site transform into your very own SharePoint digital workplace.

Configuring Apps & Permissions

Knowing your intranet content is solid and that the site looks great, the rest is a breeze. We work with your team to enable pre-built intranet apps and features to best deliver all that good content.

In this intranet implementation workshop, we also configure permissions to various parts of the site. Only authorized users get access to parts that are secure.

Their intimate knowledge of business and creative approach have been a huge help to my company

SharePoint Digital Workplace Feedback

Dave Burman

Senior Analyst, S&C Electric Company

We are very happy with the training Origami team has provided for our project.

Intranet Implementation by Origami

Svetlana Avramova

Project Manager

Training & Support

Finally, the training. Having a good handle on things saves time and we deliver personalized online (or in person for our enterprise customers) live training.

Our training sessions are recorded along with the written guide.

As you populate content, need to make updates or just need some help - our support is there for you when you need it.

Let’s Get Your Staff Engaged and Collaborating In No Time