Creative Methodology

At the core of our process we apply Design Thinking methodology which empowers our customers to gain insight into true challenges their teams are facing rather than what's on the surface.

Origami's experienced facilitators help organizations to collaboratively build incredible momentum by:

  • Helping stakeholders uncover high value opportunities
  • Building personas and identifying their key pain points
  • Generating creative solutions
  • Helping to build consensus among stakeholders
  • Providing measurable tools to help prioritize features
  • Engaging in interactive prototyping
  • Measuring the efficiency of the proposed approach




Our interactive workshops have received the highest praise from our customers. At the core of each of workshop we keep collaboration first which helps bring everyone on board and gives everyone a chance to contribute. Our facilitators ensure each workshop is conducted with the purpose to:

  • Help reduce bias
  • Keep everyone engaged and part of creative process
  • Cater to various levels of stakeholders
  • Simplify buy-in and decision making
  • Produce measurable results

"Their intimate knowledge of SharePoint and creative approach to delivering solutions have been a huge help to my company"
-- David Burman, Senior Business Systems Analyst, S&C Electric Company




The creative approach we take during our interactive workshops translates into what our customers value the most - results. Successful planning is time well spent when it comes to building the solution. We help our customers understand and prioritize data produced collaboratively into measurable and factual information and clear goals to work towards.

Outcomes of our process feed into:

  • Feature prioritization
  • Estimation of effort
  • Schedule of deliverables
  • Risks factors and mitigation
  • Plan for future phases

"Origami combine technical knowledge and business acumen while managing customer expectations and schedules. This combination of skills is what makes them successful consultants."

-- Asif Rehmani, CEO, Visual SP