Succeed with Yammer in a mid-size organization

Last week at MS Ignite 2017, we've got a chance to catch up with some of the most amazing speakers and industry-leading experts.

Over the next few weeks, we're going to share a set of our exclusive interviews with insight on some of the hot topics.

This Week's Topic

Yammer has been on a top of our list to get some insight into as there has been a lot of talk about it leading up to the conference. We're interested to see how mid-sized organization can successfully implement Yammer and what does it take to keep it running. Finally, how do you measure the success of the implementation?

The Experts

Becky Benishek, Yammer MVP and Microsoft Ignite Speaker is also Social Media & Community Manager, Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI). Larry Glickman is a Yammer and organizational transparency advocate working for a non-profit organization.

Key Questions

Here are some of the key questions we've got answers to with much more in the video:

  • Can Yammer "fly" on autopilot once launched or does it require someone to "watch it"?

  • Does Yammer require governance planning and if so, what are the key things to watch out for?

  • Measuring Yammer adoption? Are there tools or methods you'd suggest to an organization?

  • What are some of the surprises you've seen from your analytics?

  • What are some of the upcoming Yammer features you're excited about?

  • Much more ...

Leave your comments on what are some of the things you're curious about and we'll try to get an expert insight on the topic


Yaroslav Pentsarskyy is a founder of OrigamiConnect, rapidly growing service and product offering which enables organizations to get the intranet that's designed for them, without starting from a blank page. He's also 8 time Microsoft MVP, speaker at many local and worldwide tech events, and a published author of several SharePoint related books.