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SharePoint Conference North America marks re-loaded version SharePoint Conference and here is why you should be there!

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It's Vegas

... and I can't imagine SharePoint Conference anywhere else.
Sorry Orlando, but it's easier flight, more accessible hotels, plenty of entertainment and just more fun vibe. That's what we've been missing, that's what we want back and that's what we got! 

New Announcements and candid answers from speakers

Microsoft has prepared tons of new announcements for this May. Jeff Teper says (full video):

“You know you’ll see a good mix of things that people have asked us for that are very feed back driven and hopefully you’ll see somethings that will surprise you.  You’ll want to be there in person in Vegas to see those things.”  Really don’t dilly dally.  We all promise the product team is going to show up in force and bring our ‘A’ game like we’ve never brought it before.”

You've seen all of the new developments in modern UI and it's evolving every week. Be prepared to see much more this summer and be the first one to know what else is coming. I personally find out more about the roadmap not just from announcements but also from talking to speakers after their session and asking for ex.: "hey so where is this really going, is modern UI going to re-introduce template packaging similar to how Squarespace does it". Guess what, likely you will get an honest answer or a hint to an answer month earlier and that's worth gold when strategizing for your own deployment.

Quality over Quantity

I spoke twice at Microsoft Ignite, I like the conference but the quantity is overwhelming and it was nearly impossible to book colleagues for a catch up let alone run into someone you know from blogs. Everyone I speak to agrees that having a focused event is long overdue. Jeff is seeing the same thing:

“We were excited to do it again, but to be honest this was one where I think all of us were pleasantly surprised by the feedback from the last 18 months of people almost demanding it!   People were banging on our doors, saying you’ve got to bring this back, because you don’t understand the magic of this is as much the community. “We want to get together in person with people and talk about this stuff.”

There are clear tracks on Dev, ITPro, Biz and Microsoft has their own track where you hear all of the announcements and have Microsoft speakers present.

Not just SharePoint

Yesterday I was talking to a client and as many of us, their concern was "well I don't just supervise SharePoint, it's all the other related tools". Well this conference is not just SharePoint, check out the session filters, you'll find much more than just SharePoint session but all of them are related to the platform. Intune, Azure, even AI or PowerBI, Project ... some of the session topics you'll also find, be sure to check out what else is there

sharepoint conference session topics.PNG

As Jeff says it:

“You know you’ll see a good mix of things that people have asked us for that are very feed back driven and hopefully you’ll see somethings that will surprise you."

Value for Business Users

There is a clear track for business users and this is something I'm excited about since I'm presenting both sessions on this track. Coming from a technical background, few years ago I started appreciating the benefits of attending business focused sessions which to this day help me build more usable solutions and deliver what truly matters and not just what sounds cool.

This year my session is on, be sure to check it out:

Facilitating Design Workshops to help deliver a solid and engaging intranet.

I can't wait to share my approach and exercises with you and hear what worked for you to be able to share it with others.

In summary

In summary, well, be there for the re-launch! As a teaser you can get $50 off on registration by using YARO as a discount code during the registration. So now with 50 bucks in your pocket you have no excuse!

Leave your comments on what are some of the things you're curious about and we'll try to get an expert insight on the topic


Yaroslav Pentsarskyy is the founder of OrigamiConnect, a rapidly growing service and product offering which enables organizations to get an intranet designed for them without starting from a blank page. He's also 8 time Microsoft MVP, speaker at many local and worldwide tech events, and a published author of several SharePoint related books.