Planner notifications on your phone built in minutes without code

Few months ago, we've looked at Planner in detail to see how usable it is for a project in a typical scenario. Few things have evolved since then. One of them being planner phone app. The app not only allows you to get Planner functionality right on your phone, now you can build integration and enhance Planner with Flow.

If you're using Planner already, you'll find this little example invaluable and you can build it by following the video in just a few minutes.

This video shows how to use Flow app on your phone to create push notifications when Planner tasks are assigned to you

What else can you build?

Here are some of the other scenarios you can use Flow app and enhance your planner:

  • Send SMS notifications when tasks are due
  • Send notifications when tasks sit for a while without being actioned or having assignee or a due date
  • Create new tasks in Planner when someone sends an email to a monitored mailbox (great for support or contact workflow)
  • etc... what are your scenarios?

Leave your comments on what are some of the things you're curious about so we can feature the most popular topics


Yaroslav Pentsarskyy is the founder of OrigamiConnect, a rapidly growing service and product offering which enables organizations to get an intranet designed for them without starting from a blank page. He's also 8 time Microsoft MVP, speaker at many local and worldwide tech events, and a published author of several SharePoint related books.