The Problem

Your Employees Struggle to Find the Information They Need to Get Their Job Done.
Do these sound familiar?

"Found myself clicking around back and forth"

"I can't decide which version of the document is the source of truth"

"I found it to be very frustrating looking for things and not finding them"

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Origami Intranet Analytics Unclutter the Chaos

With Origami, we analyze your users’ digital workplace patterns & behaviors in an initial workshop. Here are the answers we uncover:

-How long did it take users to find information?

-Did they struggle and clicked around a lot?

-Did they get distracted and went the wrong way?

-Were they able to find what’s needed?

-What are the site structure changes needed to increase findability?

We analyze all the inputs and present you with the most intuitive site structure, and help you shape your intranet with confidence.

The Result

Your employees save countless of hours daily and
see the effort you’ve put in to making things better.

Here are the actual user comments after the Intranet Analytics implementation …

"Things were exactly where I expected them to be"

"I found the site very intuitive to navigate"

"Great idea to do the test! I loved it"

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Read how organization of 150 employees made an impact with Origami!

Check out our customer case study to see how similar their challenges were to what you’re experiencing and what are the solutions >>


Let Your Intranet Be So Much Better